Marcello Ristorante Italiano

About Us


Bringing the best of Italian cuisine to Marcello’s beautiful restaurant in Sarasota, FL.

Marcello’s has been lovingly designed and presents an intimate dining experience with many menu item’s made table-side – the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine and watch the world go by. The Italian menus are thoughtfully tailored to tempt and include delicious options and seasonal specials. Using local produce, with an eye for quality, the choices are tasty, healthy and beautifully presented.

When Marcello first took over as head chef years ago he came to a jarring realization. “Sixty people paid good money to come here and eat my food,” he remembers thinking. “It’s pressure. There’s a lot of competition. Once you’re realizing that, it keeps you sharp. It keeps you staying on your game.” It is this feeling—the pure, unjaded satisfaction he gets from entertaining people—that makes Marcello’s such a special place to dine.

“A lot of stuff we do here is family recipes with applied techniques,” says Marcello. “They teach you how to cook in a real kitchen, you combine that with old family recipes and you make a restaurant out of it.” One example of this is his Pesce del Giorno Aqua Pazza—fresh, local catch of the day sautéed with fresh shrimp, roasted red peppers, fresh tomato, basil and (for a French-inspired finish) deglazed with white wine and shellfish stock. Though the house specialty is the demi-glace, you’ll also find a hearty marinara to complement more traditional Italian dishes such as the sautéed fresh gulf shrimp and thinly pounded veal medallion topped with eggplant, marinara and mozzarella.

Marcello, who specializes in preparing inventive Italian seafood selections, calls Ferrari’s an “extension of my home life.” On a given night, you’re likely to find his mother, grandmother and perhaps even his sister running around with wide smiles.

“I’ve been doing this business my whole life. I love it—just the whole lifestyle. I love making people happy.”